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Commercial As-Builts

We provide As-Built surveys for commercial properties nationwide, including retail, office, restaurant, industrial, and more. Please click here to learn more about our As Built drawings for commercial buildings.

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Residential As-Builts

We have completed over 5,000 As-Built plans for residential projects since 2002. Please click here to learn more about our As Built survey services for residential properties.

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  • Professional As-Built Building Surveys, Drawings, Drafting & Building Measurement Services

    Precision Property Measurements is the leading provider of As-Built drawings and building surveying services in the United States. Since 2002, we have been the trusted As-Built measuring partner for over 12,000 residential and commercial projects of all sizes and types. We create accurate As Built plans quickly and affordably, giving our clients the critical building survey data they need to make their projects more efficient, predictable, and profitable. With headquarters in Long Beach, CA, regional offices in the Bay Area and Seattle, and a nationwide network of over 100 professional As-Built building surveyors in every major U.S. market, PPM has the infrastructure, experience and expertise necessary to provide a professional As-Built survey anywhere in America.

    Our clients for As Builts include architects, contractors, designers, developers, property managers, building owners, facility managers, retail chain stores, and anyone else that needs to obtain accurate As-Built drawings that show the existing conditions of a building. We can create all standard As-Built plans including floor plans, elevations, roof plans, reflected ceiling plans (RCP), MEP, fixture plans, electrical plans, sections, and more. If there is a custom As-Built drawing that you need, or any particular details we can obtain in the course of our building survey in the field, just let us know and we will be happy to incorporate them into the final As-Built drawings.

    The As Built surveyors at PPM have extensive project experience in all major types of building measurement, including Office, Retail, Restaurant, Banking, Big Box, Grocery, Industrial, and Single and Multi-Family Residential. 14+ years of exclusive focus on Asbuilt processes have given PPM a depth and breadth of knowledge which serves our client’s well on even the most challenging Asbuilt surveying projects. Our project managers and building surveyors have an understanding of how buildings are constructed, and ultimately what information will be vital to our clients. PPM’s proven As Built survey system combines precise measuring technology, highly trained staff, and tight standards and controls to ensure accuracy, consistency and quality on every As Built plan. We approach every project with a detailed and carefully orchestrated plan to ensure that all necessary As-Built information is recorded, verified, and quality-checked prior to delivery to our client.

    At PPM, excellent customer service is our mission.  We recognize that every project is unique, and we will listen to your individual needs and pay attention to details so that every As-Built plan is exactly as promised.  Our professional staff of project managers, surveyors, drafters and customer service reps will be with you throughout the project - keeping you informed of our progress, answering your questions, and working together to ensure the successful delivery of your As-Built survey to your 100% satisfaction. 

    We are currently working on multi-site national As-Built survey programs, as well as single-site projects of all types and sizes in Southern California, the Bay Area, Seattle, and nationwide. The next time you need professional Asbuilts, we hope you will consider us as a part of your team. Let us show you why working with PPM for your As-Built drawings is "A BETTER PLAN".