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Multi-Site As-Built Services & Surveying

The continued growth in nationwide retail chains and restaurant franchises has in-turn created a demand for nationwide As-Built surveying services.  Whether they are expanding to new locations, or remodeling their existing stores, retail chains need a consistent and reliable process for obtaining the necessary site information.  PPM has worked on Multi-Site Survey Programs for brands including KFC, Ferguson, Apple, Target, Walmart, McDonalds, Walgreens, T-Mobile, Dollar Tree, SuperValu, Claire's, CVS, and more.  We have a network of over 100 professional surveyors throughout the U.S. and Canada that we can bring to bear on your Multi-Site survey programs.   We offer architects and construction managers a single point of contact to obtain all of their As-Built site surveys nationwide, with uniform service quality and a fixed pricing structure.  

The PPM Multi-Site Survey Process

Compared to Single-Site projects, Multi-Site programs are highly customized to the exact needs of the client, and orchestrated to ensure that all deliverables are consistent and deadlines are met. While every project is different, here are some of the basic benchmarks for a PPM Multi-Site Survey Program:

1.    Assemble a Project Team, including Project Manager, Field Surveyors, CAD drafters, etc...
2.    Create Working Documents, including samples, templates, scope of work
3.    Create Master Project Schedule for all locations
4.    Pilot Project(s) to review and finalize SOW, deliverables and process prior to full program launch
5.    Survey Launch and Execution
6.    Project Updates, including scheduling changes and other constant communication
7.    Post Delivery Support, including revisions, answering questions, and doing whatever we can to help our clients successfully complete the project.

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Why Use PPM For Multi-Site Survey Programs?

✓ NATIONWIDE NETWORK: We've completed projects in every region of the US and Canada.  We are where you need us.
✓ CONSISTENCY: We can create the exact same output in every location.
✓ FIXED PRICING STRUCTURE: Uniform pricing across ALL of your locations, with no travel costs.
✓ EXPERIENCE: We have a proven ability to deliver excellent results and service on high-volume projects.

To learn more about PPM's nationwide Multi-Site As-Built Services, or to get started on a new project, please use the links below:

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