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PPM surveyed this McDonalds site in St. Michael, Minnesota, as well as 12 others in the Midwest region of the U.S., in April 2013. Our client was an AEC firm that was hired by McDonalds to remodel a portion of the stores. The scope of work included Floor Plan, RCP, Roof Plan, Site Plan, and Elevations.

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Silverado Resort & Spa

PPM completed an As-Built survey of the Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa during the months of August and September, 2012.  The project included a complete measurement of the 50,000SF mansion (originally built in 1870), and adjacent facilities including the pro shop, restaurants, locker rooms and more.  It was a challenging project for many reasons:  including the age and size of the buildings, the wide variety of spaces and usage types, and the absence of any existing drawings to start with.  The scope of work included Floor Plans, RCP, Roof Plans, Exterior Elevations, and Sections.

Naples Island Residence

PPM measured this 7,000 SF residence on Naples Island in Long Beach in February of 2012.  Our client, a Los Angeles architecture firm, had been hired by the new owners to design a complete remodel of the building interior and site exterior.  The scope of work included complete Floor Plans, Roof Plan, Exterior Elevations, and a Site Plan.  PPM was able to complete the project from start to finish in 1 week, with only 2 days spent at the property per the client's request.

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In March of 2013, PPM was hired to survey 217 T-Mobile locations throughout the United States.  The client needed all field surveys and finished deliverables within 3 weeks, in order to meet a deadline created by T-Mobile's much anticipated launch of their service for the iPhone.  The As-Built plans and photographs created by PPM were used to plan the installation of the new iPhone fixtures, which were all scheduled to place on the same night.

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Beverly Hills Residence

This residence was measured for an LA architecture firm in April 2013.  The house is 6,000 SF on one level, and featured a long arched wall on the exterior, as well as several arched and angled walls throughout.  PPM needed 2 days onsite to complete the field measurements, with a total turn-around time of 10 business days.  The scope of work included complete Floor Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Roof Plan, Exterior Elevations, and some Sections.

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In July of 2012, Walgreen Co. purchased USA Drug, a regional chain of drugstores operating in the American South and Midwest.  PPM was hired by the project architect to survey 27 locations in Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  We assembled a team of 6 surveyors, and were able to measure all the buildings and deliver completed As-Built plans in a 3 week period in August 2012.  As part of the program, PPM had to coordinate the delivery of boom lifts to a majority of the stores, in order to gain safe access to the roofs.  The scope of work included Floor Plans, Fixture Plan, RCP, Roof Plan, Interior Elevations, and a Site Plan.


PPM surveyed over 80 Claire's locations throughout the U.S. and Canada in 2012.  They were either brand new locations that Claire's was moving into, or existing Claire's stores that were going to be remodeled.  This particular project was a mall location in Ontario, Canada.  The scope of work for all locations included a Floor Plan with Photo Key, RCP, Elevation drawing of the storefront, and additional notes and detail photos of existing MEP equipment.

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Westin Hilton Head Island

PPM was hired to survey the Westin Resort in Hilton Head Island, SC, in April of 2012.  Our client was the ownership group which had recently purchased the property, and was planning some major remodel upgrades.   We sent a team of 2 surveyors to the property, and over the course of 8 days they surveyed approximately 100,000 SF of area including the lobby, ballrooms, restaurants, offices, meetings rooms, and more.  PPM also created complete plans for each of the 9 different typical guestroom types.  Plans created included Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans, Electrical, and Interior Elevations. 

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Santa Monica Residence

This 5,500 SF residence in Santa Monica was measured by PPM in February of 2013.  It was our first project for the client, an LA architect.  The scope of work included complete Floor Plans with Electrical and RCP information, Roof Plan, Exterior Elevations, and building Sections.  Upon delivery of the As-Built plans, our client requested several modifications to match his standards, which we promptly completed and resent.  The client has since switched to exclusively working with PPM, after many years of partnering with another As-Built firm.

Jake's Del Mar

PPM surveyed this 6,000 SF restaurant in Del Mar, CA in December 2012. Our client was a San Francisco based architect that was hired to redesign the interior.   Over the course of 3 days on-site, working around the restaurant's operating hours, PPM took detailed measurements and photographs of all areas including the Front-of-House, Back-of-House, and exterior patios.  We completed an As-Built, RCP, and Interior Elevations of the FOH areas.

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Dollar Tree

In June of 2011, PPM received a contract from Alan T. Hendry, Architect to assist his firm in surveying all new Dollar Tree locations in California.  Working with Mr. Hendry, PPM surveyed over 60 stores in an 18 month period, producing As-Built drawings to be used by the corporate store design team.  At the time of the survey, the stores were either vacant or occupied by other tenants, so we had to work diligently to coordinate access, while still delivering finished drawings within 10 days for every single survey, anywhere in the state.  The locations were about 10,000 SF each.  Our scope of work included Floor Plans with Photo Key, RCP, Exterior Elevations, and a Site Plan.

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Santa Monica Apartments

This 47 unit apartment complex on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica had been vacant for 5 years when PPM was hired to measure it in November 2012.  Our client had recently purchased the property, and needed As-Built floor plans to give to their architect.  They were also interested in verifying the actual square footage of every unit, in order to prepare rental rates and marketing documents.  There was no power at the time of the survey, so PPM's crew worked with headlamps to complete the field work in 3 days.

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75K SF Industrial Building

PPM surveyed this vacant industrial building in Victorville, CA, in May of 2013.  The building consisted of approximately 60,000 SF at ground level, of which about 50,000 SF was open warehouse space.  There was also a 15,000 SF mezzanine level containing additional office and storage space.  The building had been recently leased by a fitness company, which planned to open a new location in the space.  PPM took 2 days on-site to survey the building and create As-Built drawings including Floor Plans, Roof Plan, and Exterior Elevations.

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Marina View Towers Apartments

PPM was hired to survey this 84 unit apartment complex in Alameda, CA in May of 2013. The building contained 8 levels, with services and amenities on the ground floor, and residential units on floors 2-7.  PPM created an As-Built Floor Plan of the ground floor and 1 of the typical residential floors, as well as s Roof Plan and Exterior Elevations.  Our client was an architect that was hired for some remodel work on the building.

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Shoe Show

PPM began working with Shoe Show, Incorporated in July of 2013.  As a rapidly expanding retail brand, Shoe Show was searching for a solution to obtain a consistent As-Built survey for all of their new store locations.  Prior to working with PPM, Shoe Show was getting inconsistent results from their network of local vendors.  Within the first month of the relationship, PPM completed site surveys at 8 locations, from Florida all the way up to Ohio.  We provide them with a standardized As-Built product, guaranteed turn-around time, and fixed pricing schedule.  The typical scope of work for the 8,000 - 10,000 SF spaces is Floor Plans with Photo Key, Ceiling Plans, and Exterior Elevations.

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New Jersey Hotel

PPM surveyed this 12 story hotel in Saddle Brook, NJ, in August 2013.  The building was vacant at the time, and our client was a design firm that was hired to remodel the hotel for the new ownership group.  The project was particularly challenging because there was no power in the building, and it had been stripped down to the studs - so we had to coordinate the logistics involved with renting the necessary power and lighting equipment in order to complete the measurement.  Our team of 2 surveyors was able to complete the project in one week.  The Scope of Work included Floor Plans and RCP of floors 1-3, as well as the 12th floor.

Heritage Oaks Bank

PPM surveyed 2 branches of Heritage Oaks Bank in Central California in April of 2013.  The bank was working with an architecture firm to remodel the building interiors.  For this location in Paso Robles, we created a Site Plan, Floor Plan, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Roof Plan, Elevations, and Sections.  The project required 2 days on-site, working around the bank's operating hours.

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