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Naples Island Residence

PPM measured this 7,000 SF residence on Naples Island in Long Beach in February of 2012.  Our client, a Los Angeles architecture firm, had been hired by the new owners to design a complete remodel of the building interior and site exterior.  The scope of work included complete Floor Plans, Roof Plan, Exterior Elevations, and a Site Plan.  PPM was able to complete the project from start to finish in 1 week, with only 2 days spent at the property per the client's request.

Beverly Hills Residence

This residence was measured for an LA architecture firm in April 2013.  The house is 6,000 SF on one level, and featured a long arched wall on the exterior, as well as several arched and angled walls throughout.  PPM needed 2 days onsite to complete the field measurements, with a total turn-around time of 10 business days.  The scope of work included complete Floor Plans, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Roof Plan, Exterior Elevations, and some Sections.

Santa Monica Residence

This 5,500 SF residence in Santa Monica was measured by PPM in February of 2013.  It was our first project for the client, an LA architect.  The scope of work included complete Floor Plans with Electrical and RCP information, Roof Plan, Exterior Elevations, and building Sections.  Upon delivery of the As-Built plans, our client requested several modifications to match his standards, which we promptly completed and resent.  The client has since switched to exclusively working with PPM, after many years of partnering with another As-Built firm.

Santa Monica Apartments

This 47 unit apartment complex on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica had been vacant for 5 years when PPM was hired to measure it in November 2012.  Our client had recently purchased the property, and needed As-Built floor plans to give to their architect.  They were also interested in verifying the actual square footage of every unit, in order to prepare rental rates and marketing documents.  There was no power at the time of the survey, so PPM's crew worked with headlamps to complete the field work in 3 days.

Marina View Towers Apartments

PPM was hired to survey this 84 unit apartment complex in Alameda, CA in May of 2013. The building contained 8 levels, with services and amenities on the ground floor, and residential units on floors 2-7.  PPM created an As-Built Floor Plan of the ground floor and 1 of the typical residential floors, as well as s Roof Plan and Exterior Elevations.  Our client was an architect that was hired for some remodel work on the building.