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Commercial As-Built Services

PPM provides As-Built surveys for all types of commercial properties including Retail, Office, Restaurant, Hotel, Industrial, and any other usage.  We work on both "Single-Site" projects that have one building or property to measure, as well as  "Multi-Site" Survey Programs with dozens or even hundreds of locations.  For commercial projects, our clients are typically architects, engineers, construction managers, facility managers, Real Estate brokers and managers, and/or building owners.  We provide Commercial As-Built services nationwide, as well as parts of Canada. 

The Process

1.    To get started with a Commercial As-Built project, the first thing a customer will do is contact us via phone, email, or our website Quote Request Form.  
2.    A PPM Customer Service Representative will obtain some basic information about the project, such as property address, approximate size, scope of work, etc...
3.    We will provide you with a written proposal within 24 hours (We do NOT need to visit the property to provide a proposal).
4.    Upon acceptance, we will contact you or your client to set up a date and time for the field visit (The field visit will take anywhere from 1 hour to several days, depending on the size and complexity of the project).
5.    After the field visit, our drafting team will complete the As-Built drawings and prepare all of the final project deliverables.
6.    We will send you the final project files (AutoCAD files, PDF plans, and digital photos) via email and/or Priority Mail.  
7.    The total Turn-Around-Time is approximately 8-15 business days.

Why Use PPM For Commercial As-Built Services?

EXPERIENCE: We have extensive experience in every commercial building type.
QUALITY: We have rigid standards and processes to ensure high accuracy and detail.
SERVICE: We have a dedicated customer service team whose job it is to make sure you are 100% satisfied.
FAST TURNAROUND: 8-15 business days for most projects.  We can usually rush a project if necessary.

To learn more about PPM's Commercial As-Built Services, or to get started on a new project, please use the links below:

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